Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Going to Dieter Hell

The company I work for has an employee recognition program where we have 10 "Star Bucks" (Not to be confused with the trademarked beverage) we can use to recognize fellow employees for going the extra mile. These "Star Bucks" can then be exchanged for merchandise at an online company store. Since they don't do me any good sitting there, I always made sure I gave out my entire allotment every quarter. Unbeknownst to me, the people who give out the most certificates are also rewarded. So it was a surprise to me when I was notified that I would be one of 12 representatives of the company participating in the Mini-Indy held in St George, UT. This is an all expense paid trip, and we get to drive go-carts at dangerously fast speeds against other teams to raise money for the Dixie United Way in St George. I got the itinerary the other day and besides a hotel provided free hot breakfast every morning, we are also getting a dinner with company head honchos tomorrow, lunch compliments of Ruby Tuesday's and a banquet dinner on Friday, BBQ cookoff for lunch and pizza for dinner on Saturday. All this plus a full schedule of activities that will probably keep me from running more than 3-5 miles a day. Too bad I don't have a race on Monday to carb load for.

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David Ray said...

Swee-eeet!! Go-carts and BBQ.

And pizza? Did you say pizza?

It's company sponsored, you know, so I really have to eat everything. Wouldn't want to get a bad review and all.

Have fun and enjoy the perks!