Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taper Time Again

I really don't like the pre race taper. I know a lot of people enjoy the shorter runs and the extra time you have on your hands, but I just feel like I should be doing something more. My mind understands the logic of the taper, but my body wants the same endorphin rush its been getting the last several months.

My long run yesterday went very well, especially considering that two weeks ago I couldn't even run for 30 seconds without pain. I had no cramps (tried S-Caps and they seemed to work well), no blisters (the Foot Potion and Drymax socks once again worked their magic) and no other issues to complain about. I had to do this on the treadmill because it was raining and there was a good chance of thunderstorms. I also ate during my run, and I'm sure several people at the gym were wondering what that strange person was doing eating pretzels and Swedish Fish while working out. I went into the run hoping to get 20 but happy to get 15, and I did the full 20 miles. I went with my race plan of walking 1 minute out of every 15 for the first 2 hours, 1 minute out of every 10 for the second 2 hours, and completed the 20 miles right at 4 hours.

Twelve more days, and if everything goes according to plan I'll be an Ultra runner on my 50th birthday!


David Ray said...

4 hours on the treadmill? Just shoot me now. You've got *way* more mental discipline than me. That means you'll do great in the ultra world where it's all mental. Well, mostly mental.

Enjoy the taper!

Ms. V. said...

NO WAY that long on the treadmill! You are awesome!!!

Hey! 50 is great. *cough* No, it is...I'm still trying to get used to it.

I am looking on your blog...what are you training for?

Ms. V. said...

Just saw it! Good luck!

Helen said...

Tapering is the hardest part. But oh so worthwhile. Not that I follow my own advice all of the time but for your first ultra definitely take things real easy the next 10 days - nothing you do in this time will make you stronger/faster. You'll feel lazy/tired/lethargic with the drastic reduction in workouts. But come race day your legs will thank you.

FOUR hours on a treadmill??? You definitely have the mindset for ultra running :)

Good Luck on the 26th!

johnmaas said...

Way to bounce back from the sore leg!
Enjoy your taper time, keep the legs fresh with short, easy runs.
On the dreadmill for 4 hours? Yuck. I would've rather run in the thunderstorm.

Jessica said...

You are my idol! I could never spend four hours on that damn thing! You are going to do great!! Good luck!

RazZDoodle said...

good god. 4 hours?

50% of me admires you and the other 50% thinks your not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Either way, good luck!

Laura said...

Thanks so much!!! People at work have been trying to reassure me a bit, but no one can guarantee that we'll both get on, so the more people that tell me I'll probably be fine, the better :)

www.runoutofhell.nl said...

Good luck at the 50k race !!