Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return to Stone Mountain

I drove to Stone Mountain with every intention of kicking it's butt, however, my butt was what got kicked. My excuses are numerous: it was hotter than last time, it was more humid than last time, I was slightly dehydrated, I think I'm on the verge of overtraining, and I went up too fast during my first ascent. In fact, my first up and down time was a full two minutes faster than it was two weeks ago. But boy did I pay the price the second time up. I could tell you that the reason I stopped several times was to take some pictures, but that would be a lie. The fact is, I was totally pooped. Hopefully I learned some things from today about pacing up steep climbs that I can use in a little more than two weeks. It was also good for me to practice keeping going even when my legs felt like lead. Good thing its almost taper time, I think this is the first time I've actually looked forward to the taper.

Here are the pictures:

This doesn't look too bad, just a little hike in the woods.

Now its getting steeper.

Are we there yet?

Cheaters getting off the gondola.

The rewarding view after getting to the top. Its a little too hazy in this picture, but that's the Atlanta skyline way down below.


David Ray said...

Twice up that beast is a tough workout for sure. Good job on the training. Nice pics too.

Jess said...

That does look tough! I've been to Stone Mountain several times. And I'm a cheater who takes the gondola.

Ms. V. said...

That ascent looks WILD!!!