Monday, January 11, 2010

Weight Loss Thoughts

Last year I set a goal of losing 10 pounds. I didn't do that, but I didn't gain any weight either. I arrived at that goal weight from this website that calculates your "happy weight". This year I'm once again going to try to reach my happy weight. As an added incentive, I've calculated that when I do my 100 mile run later this year, if I am carrying an extra 10 pounds of weight, that's the equivalent of carrying an extra ONE THOUSAND pounds for a mile. That sounds like a lot, and it is. Maybe reducing my load by that much will be the incentive I need. I've already lost one pound, so nine more to go.

Training continues to go well. Tuesday I ran 7.79 miles in 90 minutes. Wednesday I ran 3.81 miles in 45 minutes. Thursday was interval day, after a one mile warm up, I did 2 x 400 @ 6.4 mph, 4 x 800 @ 6.2 mph, and 2 x 400 @ 6.4 mph. I then did a cool down for a total of 7.72 miles in 90 minutes. Friday was 3.81 miles in 45 minutes and Saturday was 3.35 miles in 40 minutes. Yesterday was a 15 mile long run in 3:10:16 for an average pace of 12:42, a lot slower than I would have liked to run.

The PF Chang Rock and Roll Marathon is less than a week away. My brother will be leading the 3:40 pace group again and my sister-in-law will be attempting to BQ. It is also my mom's birthday, so no matter how fast I run, it will be an enjoyable visit with family.


Beth said...

Just calculated my "happy weight" ... oh boy. I have some work to do. (I already knew this).

Have fun in AZ!!! Hope you have a great race!

Jess said...

I have never been to that weight calculator before. Little did I know, I need to lose 3 lbs to be at my "happy weight." Huh. I was already pretty happy with my weight!

Enjoy AZ!

Tricia said...

Why did you have to share that link? I WAS feeling so darn happy with myself...apparently I shouldn't really be happy for another 10 pounds :(

Jessica said...

I hope to see you there! I am only doing the half, but we should try to meet. I will look for your brother since he will have a sign :)