Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today marked my 49th day in a row of running at least 3 miles a day. I have been lucky enough to stay healthy so far and my training is going very well. Tomorrow may be a day off, I'm staying at a hotel with the world's suckiest treadmill and the forecast is for a high of 27 and a 40% chance of snow. Right now the plan is to do a "hill" workout on the sucky treadmill. It is terrible to run on, but tolerable for walking, so I'm planning on cranking the incline up to 10-12 and then power walking for 45 minutes. Or, I may be surprised and they bought a new treadmill since the last time I was there. (yea right, in this economy they are going to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a new treadmill)

This weeks mileage was a grand total of 55 miles thanks to two long runs this week. Because of my schedule I had to do last week's long run this Monday and this week's long run on Friday. I had planned on doing mile repeats on Wednesday, but failed miserably. I had scheduled myself for 4 one-mile repeats at a 10:00 pace with recovery miles at a 12:00 pace. I managed to get two before dying and finishing the run at a slow pace. However, I was able to recover nicely for my 4 hour run yesterday. I ran at my ultra pace, which is 8.5 minutes running and 1.5 minutes walking, and managed to log 18.5 miles in the 4 hours.

Six weeks until my big first test of 50 miles at Umstead, I'm starting to get excited!


Weddings With The Cricut said...

Wow good for you! You are a rock star!


Julie (ROJ) said...

For your hill work out maybe you should run up and down the hotel steps? Maybe that would give them the hint they need new equipment?

Beth said...

Good job!!! You should get bonus mile credits for those treadmill workouts!

Glennis said...

Your doing well. You might enjoy reading my daughter's blog

Jessica said...

sounds like your training is going great! Love the streak!!