Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Camera Trail Trial

I like reading other blogs that have pictures, so for my birthday I bought myself a rugged light-weight camera to take with me to races. Earlier in the week I took it on a trial run on the trails of Sweetwater Creek State Park. Here is what I took pictures of:

Most of the trail is easy peasy trail like this

But, there are some rocky, rooty sections

And one monster rock to climb over

And one long uphill

View of abandoned factory ruins

I ran here for several months before I noticed this sign

I ran one loop with my camera and one loop without and discovered that taking pictures adds about 30 seconds/mile to my pace. Since I will be running close to cutoffs at Miwok, I won't be taking any pictures during the race, but I'll try to take some before and after.


GeorgiaSnail said...

Looks like someone was on the white trail! Jack's Hill is like nature's stairclimber! I love it out there!

Jess said...

Rattlesnakes?! Yikes.

Cory Reese said...

Very cool - looking forward to many more pictures in the future!

Bald Runner said...

i discovered your blog from Ian Sharman's blog where you posted a comment. i am so sorry for your DNF at Miwok 100. i am also one of the entrants but i opted to DNS due to my knee injury and offered my services as one of the volunteers at the Start & Finish Areas. still,it was a good job finishing such distance. fm jovie aka baldrunner.