Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diet, Exercise, and Weight Loss for the Obsessive Compulsive Runner

For the last month or so, I've been trying to lose a couple of pounds, hoping to be healthier and also to be a faster runner. The way I'm doing this is to pay myself. For every day that I exercise at least 30 minutes, I put $5 in my running fund. Also, for every day that my caloric intake is 500 calories less than what I've burned that day, I put in another $5. Now, if I don't run or do other exercise, I take $5 out, and if I eat more calories than I've burned that day, I have to take out another $5. I track my calories at a really good website called, you can customize foods and get as detailed as you want. They also have all kinds of charts and things to track your progress. The money in my kitty will go to things like gym membership, new shoes, race entry fees, etc. So far this plan has been working very well, I've lost 6 pounds and hope to lose another 4 before my birthday.

As far as training goes, I ran 42.2 miles last week and am on track to run about 40 this week. On Saturday I will be running my very first ever trail race, the Thrill in the Hills Half Marathon. I've looked at the forecast and it looks like rain the day before and the day of the race. Looks like I'll have to be prepared to get muddy. My only goal is to not fall down. I have no trail running gear, no trail shoes, no gaiters, etc, so this could be interesting. I'll be back in a few days with the race report.


johnmaas said...

Good luck with the half on Saturday!
You don't need trail shoes, but gaiters might help if there is mud, small stones, pine needles, etc.
It's no fun to take off shoes to get stuff out.
Have fun!

David Ray said...

The trails there are pretty tame. So you'll be fine without gaiters. Trail shoes help with better grip, specially in the mud. And the toe is reinforced for banging into roots and rocks.

No worries, though, it should be a good first trail race. Mud means more fun. Don't worry too much about falling. Everybody falls sometime.

I'll be there running about 2:40ish unless my legs are still complaining about last weekend. Just look for the tallest guy in the back.

JojaJogger said...

David, looking forward to seeing you there!

Jessica said...

Lots of mileage plus 6 pounds! that's awesome! Good job

David Ray said...

Minus. That's minus 6 lbs. :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I LOVE your payment plan... such a good idea. Maybe I'll have to try that myself! I seem to have hit a pretty bad plateau.