Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grand Prix #2

Above is a picture I took the other day running on the golfcart paths in Peachtree City. The loop I run on medium or long run days is a 4.67 mile loops with a lot of the scenery looking like it does in this picture.

This morning the cult I joined had its second running event and new member breakfast. The running event was a consistency run. The instructions we were given were to run to the Huddleston Elementary School and back. Whoever's out time was closest to their in time won. Only one problem, since I only run on the 4.67 mile loop, I had absolutely no idea how to get to Huddleston Elementary. I went to the back of the pack (there were about 40-50 runners) and asked if there were any 11 minute milers that knew how to get to the school. Fortunately for me, a very nice gal named Bonnie volunteered to run with me. Normally I run alone, so it was a refreshing change to run with someone. We talked about running, marathons, Kenny Chesney, and assorted other topics. The run went by quickly and I had a great time. At the finish, I asked the time keeper guy what the distance was, he said it was about 4 miles and that according to my time I had run 8 minute miles. Now, I know that that is impossible, so it must be that my new friend Bonnie knew a shortcut! Afterwards we had breakfast and conversation and of course I had to tell everyone about my very first marathon. All in all a very nice morning.

My training this week has been on track, except I did miss two days of running. Runs were 45-90 minutes and as soon as I finish this post, I'm out the door to do 7-8 miles for a total of 10-11 miles today.


Jessica said...

Great job!! Sometimes it is refreshing to run with someone. The scenery looks great. Did you decide on your bday run?

Jessica said...

So I know I posted about your 50K, but I just really re-read and I cannot believe you are fifty!! You look less than forty!