Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Back

Recovering from a five day break is worse than recovering from a marathon. After my birthday trail run, I flew to Vegas to continue my celebration. That, a crazy work schedule, and the soreness from my run up, down, and around Kennesaw Mountain all contributed to five days without running. I found that my legs didn't mind the break so much, but I lost a bit of cardio fitness during that time. Well, running in 85 degrees with 80 percent humidity didn't help much, either. In spite of having to recover from the break, I managed to run over 50 miles last week. Here's what I did:

Tuesday - 4.84 miles in 55 minutes - 11:22 pace

Wednesday - 9.11 miles in 1:50 - 12:05 pace (hot and humid)

Thursday - 4.49 miles in 55 minutes - 12:16 pace

Friday - 8.9 miles in 1:50 - 12:22 pace

Saturday - 4.69 miles in 55 minutes - 11:44 pace

Sunday - 19.02 miles in 3:53:45 - 12:18 pace

Next Saturday I am running around a 1/4 mile track for 8 hours with about 40 other crazy people. This will be a training run for my 24 hour run in Minnesota in less than a month. (and that run will be a training run for my first 100 mile attempt at the end of July) Forecast is for close to 90 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms. Could be interesting.

On an editorial note, did anyone watch House last night? I was excited when in the first couple of minutes Dr House announced that the patient was an extreme distance runner. I thought to myself, cool, I'll have some exotic ultra running disease to obsess about on my next long run. When they inevitably went to the patient's house, I was hoping to see some 100 mile belt buckles, or at the very least a couple of marathon medals. So what was on display? There were several.....wait for it.....10K finishers certificates! Apparently in Hollywood, 6.2 miles is an extreme distance. I just had to laugh. Oh, I did learn one interesting thing I might just have to try out. If you train for and run 10k's, your metabolism is revved up so high that you can eat two dozen donuts a day!


Beth said...

Would this be the Darkside event? I can finally say after that run at Delano, that you guys are NUTS!!! But definitely great for mental toughness. Go get 'em!!

Brad said...

Oh great! Now I'm crazy.

Jess said...

I hate it when TV or movies get details wrong. Certainly writers consult some kind of reference tool?!

johnmaas said...

Good to hear that you are back to the training. Have fun with the 8 hour run on Saturday.