Monday, April 26, 2010

My Birthday Run

Yes, I turned 51 today. Instead of saying I'm 50, I now have to say I'm "in my fifties". That sounds a little worse for some reason. Anyways, to celebrate, I decided I would do a 5.1 hour trail run up, down, and around Kennesaw Mountain. There are some easy peasy trails, but also some hard core, up and down, technical trails. I was able to do sub-15 minute miles on the easy stuff, but the serious up and down rocky stuff was at 20+ minute miles. Overall I did 17.83 miles in 5:06 for an average pace of 17:10. A little better than my outing at Pine Mountain, but I still need to improve. Right now I'm eating pizza, drinking wine, and catching up on my DVR watching (Glee anyone?)

Here are a couple of pictures of my outing.

Easy Peasy Trail

Roots and Rocks

That's a Trail?

A Little Civil War History Along the Way

The Rewarding View At the Top


Beth said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Oh how I've missed those Kennesaw trails :) And you had a nice long run out there! Congrats on that, too!

Jess said...

Happy birthday! Belatedly.

And, I don't know that a 5.1 hour trail run can be labeled "easy peasy"!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday!

EZEthan said...

Happy Birthday... accidentally clicked on the next blog button on the top of my screen and stumbled upon your ultra 50+ age 5+ hour trail run post... sweet!!!

Keep kickin' ass!

Rad Runner said...

Bda runs are the BEST. Happy belated!

Ms. V. said...

51? I'm 51!!! We're in the same age group! happy birthday!!