Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FANS Grading

I'm running the FANS 24 Hour run this weekend as a final test to see if I can possibly try a 100 mile race at the end of July. In order to pass this test, I want to be able to keep running and walking for the entire 24 hours with only short pit stops. I also want to see if I can conserve energy to last that long and keep myself fueled and hydrated for an extended period of time.

Ok, that's the passing grade standard.

In order to get a C, I need to run more miles than my brother does. He is a speedy guy, and even though he is only doing the 12 Hour run, this will definitely be a challenge.

To earn a B, I need to cover at least 80 miles.

To earn the gold standard A, I need to do 90 miles.

And, to get the A+++++ (that's FIVE pluses) I will cover 100 miles which will only happen in my wildest dreams and conditions are absolutely perfect.

Looking forward to Saturday, its almost here!


Beth said...

Oh my gosh ... 24 hours. Girl, you are crazeeeeee!!!!! And you are one tough, determined woman.

GOOD LUCK! Cannot wait to hear the details. And in my book, you get an A for even having the courage to participate in a 24 hour race. Go get 'em!!!

brian said...

That is so awesome! Best of luck to you in the 24 hour run this weekend!! I'll have to remember that when I'm only doing my 50 mile race! I'm also thinking about the 100 mile race at Burning River at the end of July since it's only a couple hours from where I live. It would be nice to do my first 100 "close to home".