Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Track Workout Today

My very first interval workout on the track was about 6 weeks ago and I was very happy with it. My assignment then was 8 x 400 at 2:21 per interval. I ended up doing them in about 2:13. This time coach made things tougher. My assignment was 3 x 400, 2 x 800, 3 x 400. My plan was to run the 400s in under 2:15 and the 800s in under 4:40.

The weather this time was perfect, 60 degrees, it almost felt chilly after the hot days we've been having. I ran 1.5 miles at a 12:00+ pace as a warmup, and then got down to business.

1st 400: 2:08.5 (ut oh, I'm starting out too fast, I'll be dead by the time I finish)
2nd 400: 2:09.5 (ok, a little slower, but I still need to slow down more)
3rd 400: 2:07.2 (no! I said slow down, and now I have the dreaded 800s to do)
1st 800: 4:27.7 (boy, that hurt, and I'm still faster than I planned)
2nd 800: 4:30.4 (little closer to my planned pace, now all I have left are 3 easy peasy 400s)
4th 400: 2:09.6 (maybe I really am faster than I was a month ago)
5th 400: 2:06.5 (only one lap to go, maybe I can run it under 2:00?)
6th 400: 1:53.9 (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I finished up with about 4 miles at about 11:30ish pace for a total of 8.7 miles in 1:40. Grade for this workout an A+!

On a final note did anyone see the IAAF men's marathon on Saturday. The number 2 guy really impressed me. He manage to puke and maintain his 5ish minute mile pace at the same time.


Jess said...

60 degress is perfect running weather! Nice job on the intervals.

johnmaas said...

Great workout!
You are really responding well to the interval work.

Hua said...
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David Ray said...

You are getting faster. Nice workout! I'm watching the Worlds on demand at Universal Sports and haven't gotten to the marathon yet. But looking forward to it!