Thursday, August 13, 2009


I guess that 8 hour run took more out of me than I thought. That and I was fighting off a head cold last week. However, I'm back to normal again and training for my next race, the Darkside Peachtree City 50K on November 8th. This race is run on the golfcart paths in Peachtree City. It looks like they had 31 runners last year, so it should be a small fun race.

Mr. Garmin has returned from intensive care in Olathe, Kansas. For anyone with a dead Garmin that is outside it's warranty, I highly recommend their repair program. It cost me $79 and I basically got back a good-as-new Garmin 305 in less than two weeks. I think they also put in new guts because it seems to grab satellites about twice as fast as my old one did.


David Ray said...

Lots of good races coming up before November. I'm just saying.

Glad to hear that you and the Garmin are back and fully functional.

johnmaas said...

Good to hear that you are recovered!
The exact same thing happened to my Garmin 305 after it was 14 months old. I think the cost was the same, and I got a remanufactured Garmin (with a new serial number).
I'm on 18 months with this one, and for $79, I'd send it in again...

X-Country2 said...

I've always wanted to run a race on golf paths. It seems so peaceful and green. Good luck!