Friday, March 12, 2010

Six Hours

Today I scheduled myself for a six hour time on feet long run. Since it was raining and the forecast called for thunderstorms, this was my home for six hours today.

As you can see, I basically moved in at my gym. I had two bottles of Gatorade, two bottles of water (I did refill one of them), Pringles, cookies, and S-caps. I can tell you that I did get some strange looks when I took my "aid station" breaks for either Pringles or cookies.

I had hoped to log 27-30 miles, but I pooped out after about 2 hours and had to increase my walking time. I ended up with only 26.35 miles for a pace of about 13:40. The previous two weeks have been fantastic with my long runs, tempo runs, intervals, etc. so I figure I was due for a not so great run. Besides, my last two long runs were in great weather outside, so that helped the pace, I'm sure.

Now I am officially in taper mode. In two weeks I'll be attempting 50 miles for the first time. I'm hoping to finish in under 12 hours. I think I'll need to be able to do that in order to have a realistic shot of making a 30 hour cutoff for my 100 mile attempt.


Beth said...

"only" 26.35. That is incredible!! And I love the pringles at the t'mill. How funny :)

Enjoy your taper!

Jess said...

I can NOT imagine that many miles on a treadmill! Amazing.

Sarah Vino said...

Nice blog! Hope youre fitness goes well!! I just started my blog about food health wine and chocolate if you're interested! Cheers :)

2010 in 2010 said...

Oh my goodness!!!! 6 hours on a treadmill is amazing!!!! The pic is awesome, I love it.

Jessica said...

Thats so great. I can't believe you did that on the tread! Determination is your middle name.