Friday, January 16, 2009

At the Airport

My flight is delayed and the airport has free wifi, so I'll take a few minutes and post some final thoughts before my first ever marathon.

Goals for Sunday

-Arrive at the start line trained and uninjured (already accomplished unless I do something really really stupid in the next 47 hours).

-Finish upright and with a smile on my face (or alternatively tears of joy).

-Finish in under 5 hours.

If anyone is hoping to run 3:40, run with my brother, he is the pace team leader for that group. (coincidently it is the time that women 19-34 need to run to qualify for Boston so he HAS to run with a bunch of young women)

Good luck to everyone running in this marathon whether its your first or fifty-first!

Finally, for anyone wanting to track me, will allow you to track me, my bib number is 7313.

Bye for now, next post should be after I finish my first marathon!


johnmaas said...

You will do great!
See you soon in AZ.

David Ray said...

Best of luck. Have lots of fun!