Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Final Preparations

Yesterday I ran my final taper long run. I ran 11 miles, the first 9 at my hoped for marathon pace of between 11 and 11:24 minute miles. Then, I picked up the pace, running mile 10 in 10 minutes and mile 11 in 9:44, for me that's moving. I felt pleasantly tired after the run. During this run I wore the same clothes, shoes, etc that I plan to wear on marathon day. I also tested running with my number/dry socks/gel holder belt. It was a little awkward, but I figure the planned result of finishing with no blisters will be worth it.

The IPod playlist has been finalized. I have 5 hours of tunes to accompany me on my marathon effort. Since I've heard that you want to avoid going out too fast, the first two hours of music are slow and mellow like Enya and Enigma. Then for the third hour I pick up the pace with 70s music from the likes of CCR and Queen. The fourth hour moves me to the 80s with Wham, Prince, and others. Finally for the final hour, I move to more modern music from Fergie, PCD, and of course Justin. I finish up the last 4 minutes with "Four Minutes" from Madonna and Justin. Which brings me to the question: If you're out of time, why do you still have four minutes to save the world?

I had to laugh at a post from another blogger running the same race as his first marathon. Razzdoodle was talking about how every conversation he has now includes him mentioning that he's running a marathon. I had the same experience at the airport. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in over three years, and sure enough, I had to mention that I was running in a marathon. I refrained from announcing to my passengers that fact, although I was tempted.

This marathon will be an awesome one for a first attempt. Besides the great weather and flat course, both my brother and sister-in-law will be running. They are bringing their son and his girlfriend as a cheering section. Plus, my mom and dad are snowbirds in Phoenix so it will also be a family gettogether to celebrate my mom's 83rd birthday. Fun times will be had!


Vanilla said...

I'm also running the Rock 'n' Roll marathon this weekend, and I too did my most recent run in the clothes I'm going to run in on Sunday. I still claim that I'm not obsessed though.

David Ray said...

Best of luck at the marathon! I'm looking forward to a good report.