Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

I watched "Spirit of the Marathon" this week and really enjoyed it. Its a documentary that follows marathoners through their training and then the running of the Chicago marathon. I like that it showed a wide range of runners, from elite athletes like Deena Kastor, to BQ hopefuls, to back of the pack first-timers like me. A couple of places seemed a little disjointed to me, but overall it was an excellent documentary. I plan on watching it again before the marathon.

This weeks training:

Thursday - 8.23 miles in 1:29:24 on PTC golfcart paths. Planned for 10, but didn't want to make blister from 20 miler worse.

Saturday - 5.74 miles in 1:05 on treadmill. Included 5 x .5 miles @ 6.2 mph.

Sunday - 4.8 miles in 57:26 on treadmill. Had planned on doing 10, but I was running late and needed to get to work.

Monday - 5.93 miles on treadmill in 1:10.

Tuesday - 15 miles on PTC golfcart paths in 2:45:48. This was one minute slower than my time two weeks ago, but this included a stop to change socks in an effort to avoid blisters.

Next week: Last 20 miler before the marathon. Actually I'm planning on running 20.2 miles since in the movie, Deena Kastor says that its the last .2 that are the worst.

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