Monday, December 1, 2008


I did it, my longest run so far. After last week's yucky week, I was wondering how this week was going to go, and it surprised me. I stayed at the same hotels I did last week and ran on the same treadmills in the same fitness rooms. Last week I struggled to run 35 miles; my heartrate was high and I just didn't seem to have any oomph. And then this week I ran well over 50 miles and I feel great. One theory floating through my mind on today's 18 mile run is that I started "double bagging" my boobs about 10 days I'm wearing 2 sports bras to cut down on the bouncing. My theory is that it constricts my ribcage just a little bit more, and this week I've finally adjusted to the breathing. Any other guess is probably just as good.

This weeks training:

Tuesday - 5.9 miles on treadmill in 1:10

Wednesday - 9.92 miles on treadmill in 2:00

Thursday - 6.16 miles on treadmill in 1:10 included 6 x 5 minutes at 6.0 mph. This seemed way too easy, either the treadmill was slower than the indicated speed or pumpkin pie is the best pre-run energy food ever invented.

Friday - 10.98 miles on treadmill in 2:10

Saturday - 5.92 miles on treadmill in 1:10

Sunday - Rest day

Monday - 18 miles on treadmill in 3:33:28

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RazZDoodle said...

Holy crap! All those miles on a treadmill? Wow! I'm impressed!