Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taper Time

I ran my last 20.2 mile run. I was able to run it outside and the conditions were almost exactly what I'm expecting for my first marathon. The temperature started out around 60 and climbed to a high of 67. My time included a 6-7 minute sock change break, but I still managed to average my goal pace for a sub-five hour marathon. Here is a breakdown of my 5 mile splits:

Mile 1-5: 54:56 Avg Heartrate 153
Mile 6-10 54:58 Avg Heartrate 156
Mile 11-15 1:01:19 Avg Heartrate 158 (time includes the 6-7 minute sock change)
Mile 16-20 57:14 Avg Heartrate 163

One most excellent side note. I totally chicked a guy (ok, he was probably 15 years older than me, but it still counts). I had just changed my socks at 14 miles and was power walking as I ate my gel and drank some water. Behind and to my left I hear a guy say "two more steps and I'll have you!" I was just about finished with my water so as he pulled alongside I started running again. I heard an agonized "Ow, that's mean!" I just HAD to laugh out loud.

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